A pair of bright green BARROW S4BWUASO140 SOCKS UNISEX with a yellow smiling face emblem and the word "BARROW" printed in white on the foot area. These are graphic socks, Made In Italy.
A pair of black BARROW S4BWUASO140 graphic socks with neon green smiley face logos on the ankles, Made In Italy.
A pair of green BARROW S4BWUASO140 SOCKS UNISEX with yellow smiley face logos and the text "BARROW" on the soles, displayed against a white background.
A BARROW S4BWUASO140 sock featuring a yellow and black smiley face graphic design, Made In Italy.
BARROW S4BWUASO140 socks unisex featuring a black design with a neon green paw print on the ankle area, made in Italy.
BARROW Blue sock featuring a green, black, and yellow smiley face design on the ankle area.
A green knit sweater made in Italy with a white label featuring the text "BARROW" and a yellow smiley face logo.
A blue BARROW S4BWUASO140 sock with a white "BARROW" logo tag featuring a yellow smiley face, made in Italy.
Close-up of green BARROW graphic socks with the word "BARROW" embroidered in black.
Close-up of a black fabric with the word "BARROW" embroidered in white thread on BARROW S4BWUASO140 SOCKS UNISEX.
Close-up of a blue fabric with the word "BARROW" knitted in white thread, designed as part of our BARROW S4BWUASO140 SOCKS UNISEX collection.


Size: O/S
BARROW graphic socks green 
. Made In Italy 

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