This stylish and eye-catching black graphic t-shirt features a poolside scene with plants, a lounge chair, and an umbrella. The text "Al Ain" is embroidered at the top. A small tag is displayed in front of the shirt. Introducing the AL AIN AMHX S124 CHILL NOIR by AL AIN.
An AL AIN AMHX S124 CHILL NOIR with a small silver reflective graphic on the left chest area, creating a stylish and eye-catching look.
A stylish and eye-catching black T-shirt features a tag emblazoned with the text "AL AIN AMHX S124 CHILL NOIR." This graphic T-shirt effortlessly combines comfort and flair, making it a must-have addition to your wardrobe.
A stylish and eye-catching poolside scene with a lounge chair, umbrella, potted plants, and a stone staircase. Text at the top reads "AL AIN AMHX S124 CHILL NOIR," enhancing the vibe as someone in a graphic t-shirt relaxes nearby.
A piece of black fabric with the word "AL AIN AMHX S124 CHILL NOIR" embroidered in black thread, partially covered by horizontal strips of silver ribbon—creating a stylish and eye-catching design reminiscent of a graphic t-shirt.
Cloth label for "AL AIN AMHX S124 CHILL NOIR" with cursive text detailing their use of handmade adornments and traditional Middle Eastern textiles, mentioning collaboration in Venice for craftsmanship. A stylish and eye-catching leopard illustration is at the bottom, perfect for an embroidered brand or graphic t-shirt.


Color: BLACK
Size: S
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AL AIN graphic t-shirt features an embroidered brand name on the front left side and a large graphic detail on the back, making it a stylish and eye-catching choice for your wardrobe.

. Color Black

. 100% Cotton 

. Made In Italy 

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