Black regular-fit DIESEL T-JUST-N14 t-shirt made from organic cotton jersey, adorned with assorted Diesel iconic logos and texts in orange and yellow tones.
Person in a DIESEL T-JUST-N14 black regular-fit tee made from organic cotton jersey, adorned with various red and white Diesel iconic logos and text graphics.
Rear view of a person wearing a DIESEL T-JUST-N14 T-SHIRT BLACK made from organic cotton jersey.
DIESEL T-JUST-N14 T-SHIRT BLACK featuring iconic Diesel logos and slogans, crafted from organic cotton jersey.
Red and white iconic Diesel logos brand label on a black textile background with a "made in India" tag below.
Red price tag with Diesel iconic logo and slogan "for successful living" on the DIESEL T-JUST-N14 T-SHIRT BLACK.


Color: BLACK
Size: XXL
Only 1 piece in stock!

Men's regular-fit tee built from organic cotton jersey. The chest is hallmarked with a mixture of prints, proudly showcasing Diesel's range of iconic logos.

  • Composition: 100%Cotton
Regular fit

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